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Dear Pastor,

I am writing to recommend Paul and Amy Valles as Missionaries. I have known them for several years, They had served at a church in New Jersey and moved here to be part of our church and get involved in any way possible. As I have gotten to know them, I am glad to heartily endorse their call to serve as Missionaries in Turks and Caicos.


Paul and Amy have been very involved in the ministry at Gospel Baptist Church. They have been soul-winning and bringing people to church on a weekly basis. Their actions speak about their attitude, which is to be an invaluable part in serving the Lord. They are ready to be on the Field. I pray that you will consider supporting them, as we send them to this needy field.


If I may be of any further assistance to you please do not hesitate to call the church office.




Dave Carlson,



I have known Paul and Amy for several years and I can vouch for their love for the Lord and their faithfulness to serve Him. Both Paul's and Amy's parents are godly Christians and have reared their children to serve the Lord. While in college, they exhibited a heart for God.

God has led them to a needy mission field and I have complete confidence that they will do a good job building a church for God's glory. In addition, I can vouch for their high standards and separation from the world.

If God should lead you to support them they will not disappoint you.


With a Heart for God,


Pastor Jim Townsley

Baptist International Missions, Inc. P.O. Box 9 Harrison, TN 37341

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